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Dirt Devil D2500 Aboveground Auto Vacuum

Exclusive unifram cassette technology for faster vacuuming! Dirt Devil®— one of the most recognized names in home vacuuming brings you the Dirt Devil D2500 Automatic Above Ground Pool Vacuum. Now you can have the power to clean your above ground pool efficiently and inexpensively.

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Sta-Rite Lil Shark Cleaner

The Sta Rite Lil Shark effectively cleans vinyl surfaces in flat or dish-bottom aboveground pools. The lil shark comes equipped with everything you will need for a spotlessly clean pool.

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AquaBot Pool Rover Plus

The Pool Rover Plus is a great product for anyone with an above ground pool that needs to tidy up dirt on the bottom of their pool. It cleans debris off the floors and cove of the pool. It comes with both fine and large mesh filter bags, for either high performance or heavy cleaning. It actually allows you to run and clean your pool filter less often. AquaBot has made this robotic cleaner their easiest to use, and its rugged design will keep it running for years to come. They believe in it so much, it comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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