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Sta-Rite Lil Shark Cleaner

The Sta Rite Lil Shark effectively cleans vinyl surfaces in flat or dish-bottom aboveground pools. The lil shark comes equipped with everything you will need for a spotlessly clean pool.

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Complimentary with your spa
  • Lil Shark incorporates patented bristle drive and oscillating vortex, which scrubs and vacuums.
  • Efficient operation at only 15 GPM and has sound-dampening oscillator bumpers.
  • 10" Wide Cleaning Path - Effectively cleans vinyl surfaces in above-ground flat- or dish- bottom pools.
  • Works on a Variety of Pools - Has a low flow rate which enables it to work with most manufacturers equipment.
  • Unidapt Handle - Attaches to telepole for spot cleaning.
  • Includes 32 Feet of top quality hose.
  • L'il Shark has a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.
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