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Vacuuming Your Pool

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Step 1:
Attach vacuum hose and pole to vacuum head. Submerge unit in pool.

Step 2:
Hold other end of hose over water return. Hose will fill with water, driving out all air trapped in hose.

Step 3:
While holding hose below water, place the vacuum plate into the skimmer, leaving the leaf basket in place. Quickly attach hose to elbow fitting*. You are now ready to vacuum.

*Note: If your skimmer was not supplied with an elbow fitting, simply take off the skimmer cover and put the vacuum hose directly on to the vacuum plate.

Pool Volume in Gallons

Round Pools Capacity (Gallons) Oval Pools Capacity (Gallons)
10 Round 2,000 8x12,8x14 3,000
12 Round 3,000 8x19 3,500
15 Round 5,000 10x15, 10x16 3,500
18 Round 7,500 10x21, 12x18 5,000
21 Round 10,000 12x24, 14x20 7,500
24 Round 14,000 14x25, 15x24 10,000
27 Round 18,000 15x30, 16x26 12,000
30 Round 21,000 16x32 15,000
18x33 19,000

Note: Pool volumes above are approximate. For exact calculations please use the calculator below.

Please click here to use our easy to use Pool Calculator if you don't see your pool size listed above.