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Cleaning A Cartridge Filter

Filter cartridge cleaning instructions for chlorine users:

[download id=”3″ format=”1″]The life of your Filter Cartridge depends upon you the consumer. Our heavy-duty Polyester filter cartridge elements will show maximum longevity with proper care and maintenance. Here are some helpful hints to help you get the most out of our product.

The best indications of a “soiled” filter cartridge in need of a cleaning are an increase in pressure within the cartridge’s housing canister or a visible decrease in the system’s water flow rate. Generally an increase in pressure of 10 pounds per square inch (PSI) or greater above the filter’s normal operating pressure (as prescribed in the manufacturer’s owners manual) indicates the need to clean the cartridge.

The filter cartridge can be cleansed of coarse dirt and debris by pressure washing inside and out with a garden hose. Fine particles of dirt are more easily removed from the filter pleats when the cartridge is dry. Therefore after hosing the cartridge, allow the filter to dry and either CAREFULLY BRUSH, but do not – scrub the pleated surface areas; or apply a stream of compressed air to the filter’s outer surfaces to remove fine particles.

Algae, suntan oil, and body oils can form a coating on the filter pleats, which may not be thoroughly removed by hosing. Such a film of algae and/or oils will rapidly clog up the filter’s pores thereby greatly reducing filtration. Therefore it is imperative to remove such materials from the filter element as soon as possible. We recommend soaking the cartridge in a solution of commercially available filter element cleaner to remove algae and/or oils from the filter media. Follow the manufacturers’ directions for the proper use of such (surfactant, soap) – cleaning solutions. Allow one hour for soaking and then hose the cartridge thoroughly before re-installing in the filter. If clogging persists due to either algae or oils readjustment of water chemistry is necessary to combat the problem.

A spare “stand-by” filter cartridge is an excellent investment. It provides convenience and a well-maintained clean cartridge assures you that your filter will always be ready to operate at peak efficiency.