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Step 2 | Create Your Own Pool Package | Size and Shape

Heritage STR
Top Ledge
Pool HeightInstallationWarrantyUpright Posts
Embossed 7" steel Krystal Kote top rails with Resin interlocking top caps52" Pool Wall HeightInstalls Above Ground40 Year Manufacturers Limited Warranty6" Krystal Kote coated steel Uprights with hardware free 'Snap In' resin bottom cuff
 Round Pool Prices
SizeRegularAll Pools 25% to 30% Off
12' x 52"$2200$1540
15' x 52"$2700$1890
18' x 52"$2900$2030
21' x 52"$3900$2730
24' x 52"$4300$3010
27' x 52"$4500$3150

     Oval Pool Prices
SizeRegularAll Pools 25% to 30% Off
8' x 12' x 52"$3600$2520
10' x 16' x 52"$3800$2660
12' x 18' x 52"$3800$2660
12' x 20' x 52"$4300$3010
12' x 24' x 52"$4700$3290
15' x 24' x 52"$5000$3500
15' x 30' x 52"$5000$4000
18' x 33' x 52"$6000$4800
18' x 40' x 52"$6900$5520

Superior Strength and Design
Unlike other aboveground pools on the market, our high performance, 7" steel top rail with Krystal Kote offers superior corrosion resistance. Plus the two-piece, injected molded resin top cover and steel Krystal KoteŽ uprights combine superior design elements for superior long-term performance of this aboveground pool for you and your family. The engineering details of this swimming pool make it one of our best sellers.

Reliability and Satisfaction
Using an interlocking steel stabilizer at the top of the pool combined with a hardware-free 'Snap-In' resin bottom cuff ensures a stronger, faster installation with superior stability. The attractive embossed top ledges and uprights give the Heritage STR added strength with visual appeal. From top to bottom, the details of this above ground pool will be enjoyed for many years to come. From the two-piece, molded top cover to the steel Krystal Kote top ledges and uprights, the Heritage STR aboveground pool incorporates superior design elements for superior long term performance.

Yardmore Space Saving System
The Heritage STR above ground oval pool with the Yardmore Buttressless Oval system is specially designed for small spaces. Traditionally, aboveground oval pools have large triangular butress structures running along each side. The Yardmore Buttressless Oval system takes up less room in the yard, and lets every homeowner create a summer getaway in their own backyard.