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Hayward AquaTrol Salt Chlorine Generator (AQ-TROL-RJ)

The AquaTrol Electronic Chlorine Generator (also known as a salt chlorinator) is designed specifically for above ground pools up to 18,000 gallons. It easily connects directly to the return jet on your pool, eliminating the need for extra hoses.

The AquaTrol also has an integral time clock for control of the pool filtration pump. Since many above ground pools already have a single electrical outlet for the filter pump, the AquaTrol is designed with an outlet (timer controlled) for the filter pump to plug into, the AquaTrol then plugs into the original outlet the filter pump was using. The savings on chlorine and electrical power alone will have the AquaTrol paying for itself. The AquaTrol system typically installs in less than 30 minutes and is very easy to operate.

This salt system in meant for above ground pools, but not all. Be sure that your pool is suitable for a salt system before purchasing this. Salt water can be very corrosive to some materials used in above ground pools. Salt systems may void your pool’s warranty.

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Complimentary with your spa
  • For above ground pools up to 18,000 gallons
  • Includes control box, salt cell, union connections and adapters
  • Digital interface w/7 diagnostic indicators
  • Internal timer
  • Automatic cell cleaning through reverse polarity
  • Simple and direct return jet mounting
  • Straight blade 120V/15AMP cord and receptacle
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty
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