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Winter Cover-Oval- Ultimate Guard

The Ultimate Guard winter cover is specially coated to protect against UV damage. A true investment in your pool, this triple-laminated cover resists wear and tear. A 3-4 foot overlap ensures that your pools will be completely covered. The aluminum grommets stamped into the tear-resistant double-stitched black binding work with the included winch and steel cable to keep your cover secure and your pool clean. The Ultimate Guard cover is covered by a 20 year manufacturer’s pro-rated warranted and a 1 year manufacturer’s full-rated warranty.

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Complimentary with your spa

Our heaviest Solid heavy duty cover is ultraviolet inhibited, triple laminated polyetheylene with a tear resistant double stiched black binding.

  • All Ultimate Guard winter covers include a 3 to 4 foot overlap. Cover size is 3 to 4 feet larger than pool size.
  • The Ultimate Guard cover is featured an attractive tan color on top with a black underside that matches most backyard decors.
  • Includes steel cable and winch to attach cover securely to pool.
  • Warranty: 20-Year Manufacturer's pro-rated Warranty (1 Year Full Rated Manufacturer's Warranty)
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