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Eclipse3 - Algaecide-Granular/Powder (8.8lbs)

Super concentrated – use only 1/8th of an oz. of Eclipse3 per 1,000 gallons weekly.

Eliminates the tedious daily routine usually associated with pool and spa maintenance

Allows pool and spa owners to add less chlorine and bromine and still maintain crystal clear water in their pool or spa

Reduces the need for vacuuming

Saves on pool and spa chemical costs – by as much as 60%

Saves on electrical costs by as much as 66 % — you only need run your pump and filtration system for as little as 8 hours a day

Eliminates worries about strong chemical odors, irritation of the skin and eyes, bleaching of hair and is environmentally-friendly

Is safe for pool liners and has no erosion effects on filtration system parts

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