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Aqualuminator Aboveground Pool Light

The Pentair Aqualuminator light fits the existing water return line hole in most above ground pools. Optional fountain attachment provides a spectacular spray of water.

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Aqualuminator Replacement Bulb

Aqualuminator Replacement Bulb Assembly replaces bulbs in Aqualuminator, Darkbuster and Quasar above ground lights. Complete bulb assembly includes bulb, bulb housing, o-ring and wire connectors.

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Aqualuminator Fountain

Aqualuminator Fountain easily snaps onto any Aqualuminator Light for above ground pools.

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Winter Plug For Aqualuminator

The best winter plug available for the Aqualuminator Above Ground Pool Light. Specially made for a perfect fit, this expansion plug fits the Aqualuminator Light.

Also fits the Darkbuster and Quasar aboveground lights.


Uniquely fitted for the Aqualuminator Light.
Wingnut provides expansion for a tight fit.

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Aqualuminator Aboveground Pool Light Non-Return

The Aqualuminator Non Return light is for pools that require more than one light. This light has no water return like the regular Aqua Luminator, and requires an additional hole in your pool wall.

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Smart Pool - Nitelighter® Multicolor Pool Light

The Smart Nitelighter® Pool Multicolor Pool Light requires no drilling and it will not interfere with your pool’s return line. Light comes complete with stainless steel mounting brackets, 28 ft cord, transformer and colored lens kit.

-Halogen Bulbs Produce Beautiful Vibrant Colors
-Mode/Mood Selection Switch
-Easy Installation – No Drilling or Draining of Pool
-Built-in 3-Hour Timer with Auto Shut-Off
-One Light Illuminates Most Above-ground Pools
-On/Off Switch

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