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Unibead Liner-Oval Sizes-Portofino

The unibead liner can be used as a J-hook liner or remove the J-hook liner and use with bead receiver as a beaded liner. Select “More Details” for a diagram and more information. Liner has a 25 year warranty, and is available in 48″, 52″ and 54″ depths.

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Complimentary with your spa

The letters below reference specialty sizes in the liner size drop-down menu on the bottom right.

Please contact Staten Island Pool and Spa at (718)605-9600 for help determining your pool measurements.

A Fits Artesian pool models.
AL Fits Aqua Leader pool models.
C Fits Cornelius pool models.
EW Fits Esther Williams pool models.
JW Fits Johnny Weissmuller pool models.
V Fits Vogue pool models.
W Fits Wil-bar pool models.

Please note all liner sales are final.

Unibead Description

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