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Step 2 | Create Your Own Pool Package | Size and Shape

Morada RTR Supreme
Top Ledge
Pool HeightInstallationWarrantyUpright Posts
9" wide 100% Resin true radius reinforced top rails54" Pool Wall HeightInstalls Above Ground and Semi-Inground60 Year Manufacturers Limited Warranty8" wide Resin covered steel vertical supports with Duratex 2000 coating
 Round Pool Prices
SizeRegularPre Summer Sale 20% to 25% Off
15' x 54"$3500$2800
18' x 54"$3800$3040
21' x 54"$4100$3280
24' x 54"$4600$3680
27' x 54"$5200$4160
30' x 54"$5600$4480

     Oval Pool Prices
SizeRegularPre Summer Sale 20% to 25% Off
12' x 17' x 54"$4600$3680
12' x 20' x 54"$5000$4000
12' x 24' x 54"$5400$4320
15' x 26' x 54"$5800$4640
15' x 30' x 54"$6300$5040
18' x 33' x 54"$7500$6000
18' x 40' x 54"$8000$6400

         All Resin Top-Rails
The Morada RTR Aboveground Swimming Pool utilizes advanced all-Resin Top-Rails, end caps, bottom plates and bottom Rail to provide superior looks and unmatched durability. The top rails, end-caps, and foundation are made of corrosion-proof injection-molded resin, while its walls and verticals are galvanized steel coated with Duratex 2000 to resist even the worst weather with ease. The exterior finish on this above ground pool is an attractive champagne color with a unique wave pattern to blend seamlessly into any backyard decor.

Oval Free System
Morada RTR Oval Pools feature Buttress Free Oval System designed to use less space in your backyard. No traditional large angled braces like typical above ground oval pools that stick out and take up space in your yard.